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Why do people think being a mother is the best yet bittersweet experience in the world?

Mothers Get to Value Sleep

We all love our mothers, but do we appreciate them enough? Do we even know everything they had to go through for us while we were growing up? Probably not, and that’s why they love to say that’ll we’ll realize how difficult being a parent is only when we become them ourselves.


What’s the big deal about being a mother, though? Well, these women don’t get enough sleep. This is especially the case when their children are little. Why? Because kids wake up in the middle of the night, crying, unable to fall asleep, needing to be fed, changed, etc. While fathers can also take care of these tasks, these are usually a part of the mother’s experience. That makes moms value the amount of sleep they do have because it’s a time when they can finally rest and relax.

Motherhood Is an Unending Challenge

One of the best-known facts about being a mother is that it’s a never-ending challenge. You’d think that everything will be fine when your kids grow up, right? That may be the case, but you never stop being a mother. Yes, you have to nurture and be there for them even when you’re old and your children are all grown up.


Not only that, but ensuring your children properly grow up isn’t easy. There are so many things that can happen and make them stray off the good path you try to put them on. Not to mention puberty! When it hits, and they start rebelling, and it feels like there’s nothing you can do about it — now that is rough! 


You’re not supposed to have absolute control over your children, but you’re their guardian. As such, you have to ensure everything is alright, which is hard when it starts feeling like they’re slipping out of your grasp.

Kids Give Both Headaches and Happiness

There are numerous pros and cons of being a mother, and they love to say that their kids are their happiness. But what about the other side? We all know how annoying children can be because we’ve all been there once! All of us have been getting on our parents’ nerves, and there’s no denying that.


So, while your mom may have been happy about your artistic expressions, she certainly wasn’t happy about you drawing all over the wall as a child. How did the wall become clean the very next day? We both know the answer to that.


Even though raising kids is difficult, mothers learn to always see the bright side of things because that’s what gives them happiness. Plus, not all kids are great. Some need more care than others, but mothers push through the headaches to ensure their children have the best lives possible.

Being a Mother Is a Lifetime Commitment

Once your children are all grown up, your responsibilities as a mother are over, right? Unfortunately for some, that can’t be more wrong. Everything changes once you give birth to a child. You’re now responsible both for yourself and them — forever. That may sound ominous, but mothers report that there’s no better feeling.


Sure, there are challenges and hardships, but they only shape you into a better person. And who doesn’t want to be the best person they can be? We know we do, and children are often what helps us grow.


Unfortunately, many mothers think and act like they’re off the hook and their children don’t need them later in life. That’s wrong because there’s no better friend and ally than the person that raised you.

Mothers Learn That Everything Is a Process

We know that being a mother isn’t easy, but what about the fact that nobody really knows how to be a mother? Motherly instinct is something people say is instilled in women, but not everyone has it. That’s what makes motherhood so difficult for some.


At first, nobody is a perfect mother, and they’re all simply doing their best. But that’s what makes them understand that everything is a process, including learning how to be a better parent. Not only that, but they learn that they aren’t able to turn back time and fix mistakes. They can only learn and grow from them.


Not only do mothers learn everything through a process, but so do children. For example, you can’t snap your fingers and help your child learn how to write. It has to be a process. That’s why mothers know how to savor and enjoy every moment of every day.

Children Reignite Mother’s Passion for Life

Taking care of children is hard, but these hardships make us push further in life. Mothers don’t just give up when things become difficult. They learn to overcome their obstacles and be better people. Not only do kids help their mothers grow, but they reignite their passion for life.


Children are naturally playful and love learning. Being with them constantly can help spark curiosity and wake up our inner child. This also makes us more playful and helps us find more joy in life.


So, while raising children is a challenge, it seems that it helps mothers have the time of their lives. Once their children are grown enough to take care of themselves, mothers pick up new hobbies, start traveling, or learn new things. That’s because they find inspiration in young children that are full of life.